Sorry, but if you want Obama to win this election,

You are a fucking idiot, and completely oblivious to what the world will be like if he gets re-elected. He might be “thinking about the future”, but he doesn’t realize that because of what he is doing now, many people, especially the middle class, won’t be able to make it to the future. And he doesn’t care. Do you realize that because of him 40 million people are on welfare? And I know there are many that need it, but I’m saying at least 25 million of those people don’t need it. They are too lazy to work, they sit at home making the tax payers support them. And that isn’t fair. Get your ass up and get a job. I realize it’s difficult in the economy, but guess who that’s because? It’s gotten worse since your “lovely” President got into office. I’m not saying I agree 100% with Romney. Not do I trust him to do everything he says he’s going to do. I mean, the only time a politician is speaking the truth is when he mouth is shut. But with Obama out of office, we will be able to get away from his wanna-be socialist party and we could have better lives, hopefullly. I’m just sayingg..